Oct. 8th, 2007


Oct. 8th, 2007 03:13 am
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The engine droned wearily on. Even the mechanical beast that was his police cruiser had less stamina than he; it was in need of refill. He had been patrolling non-stop for 7 hours and if you knew him, you'd know he was just warming up. His eyes scanned the road ahead with an unshakable vigilance, though he knew the vehicle was on 'E'.  Finding that the dark, moonless night concealed nothing worthy of his attention, the cyborg pulled unceremoniously into the nearest gas station programmed into his internal map.

The engine turned off with something that might sound like relief, if one was listening for it.  RoboCop surely wasn't.  Or was he?  Who knew what was going on inside that metallic monster-with-a-man's-mouth? 

The bright lights of the gas station shone down with an intensity that vaporized the night, if only for 1500 square feet.  He sat in the vehicle for a few seconds, moving only his head.  It craned back and forth dutifully, ever vigilant, ever searching for signs of illegal activity.  With so many laws on the books and a microchip to process them, nearly any action he saw could be construed as illegal with some twisting of the meanings of various overlapping statutes.

A mechanical hand, without further adieu, practically teleported to the door handle and closed around it with a forceful precision.  Pulling the door open, he rose heavily out of the car, belying some considerable agility available for when the situation warranted it.  He closed the door as the store attendant sleepily glanced in his direction.  Not once, but twice.  RoboCop would have been warmed to know that he still garnered double-takes, even after all this time...


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