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"Yeah, know that pet monster of hers would do anything to protect her," Kowalski said, with a tone of serious concern.

"Forget about him! We're cops, remember? He can't touch an OCP employee or whatever his damn program says. You remember that time, with those mercenary guys, uh..." replied Harker hastily, before being cut off.

"You mean the rehabs?" ventured Kowalski.

"Yeah, those assholes! They cut down a whole mob of women and children, and he just stood there like a statue! He's not allowed to do shit against us," Harker finished.

"Man...I still dunno..." started Kowalski.

"Grow some fucking balls, Kowalski. Now I see why they took your ass out of SWAT training," Harker quipped quickly.

"Aw, fuck you, Harker!

Meanwhile, a cyborg policeman and his partner cruised at a leisurely clip down Grand River Avenue.

"Ya know, Murphy....that was one hell of a shot," said Anne Lewis, Murphy's partner. "A ricochet shot is one thing, but you got that guy right between the eyes."

His steely titanium head swiveled smoothly as they turned onto 7 mile road.

"Physics and geometry, Officer Lewis," Murphy said, cheerfully. "Physics...and geometry." he said again.

She snorted a slight laugh, and with a smile replied, "They never taught me to shoot like that in any math class I ever took."

Murphy himself smiled. "It would seem I only miss the important people when I shoot at them."

Lewis, in a mock matter-of-fact tone, said, "They call that a character shield, Murphy.  How many explosions do you have to survive before you figure it out?"

Pulling into the parking garage of the police station, Murphy could only reply, quietly, "Too many."


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